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Browsing the IBIS-A does not require authentication, but users have to register and log-in in order to be able to request and download data. Principal Investigators of proposals for IBIS observations have exclusive access to their data for the duration of a proprietary period, normally of one year, after which the data becomes available to the community at large.

Currently available data

You can browse the archive by applying different search criteria. Data range is always a parameter, but you may also choose to search data by Target, Disc position, Observing mode. You can perform your data search by combining multiple parameters. Once you have selected the values for each of the parameters that you wish to search for, press the button labeled 'Submit'. A status page appears while the system browses the archive. After a few seconds, or up to a minute or two, depending on the search parameters, a table will list the data available in the archive that match the parameters set in the search form.
Target: solar disc feature
Spect: observing mode either spectral or spectro-polarimetric measurements
μ: cosine of the heliocentric angle
Δμ: range of mu

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IBIS Archive

A sharp view of the Sun obtained with the IBIS at the NSO/Dunn Solar Telescope (New Mexico, USA).
The image shows remarkable details of the large sunspot seen in AR NOAA 12546 near the central meridian [S07W07].
Observer: Marco Stangalini (INAF) et al.
Image processing: Fabrizio Giorgi (INAF)
Wavelength: Fe I 617.3 nm line (continuum)
Date: 20 May 2016, 13:53 UT


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